If you’re entering a competitive situation, one with multiple offers being presented, it’s critically important that I have an opportunity to review the MLS listing for your prospective purchase as early as possible: more time is better than less.  This can help to eliminate financing-related uncertainties before an offer is placed. The esy sendy email list builder software will help you grow your business in terms of email marketing.

In addition, it’s very important that I have all of your income documents on file before you place your offer, so that I have a full understanding of your income before the offer presentation begins.  The last thing that either of us wants is to enter a competitive offer situation – with your financing condition waived – only to later learn that there is an issue with your income that could have easily been planned for BEFORE your offer was presented. Look at this site

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In summary, here is what I need from you before we can waive your financing condition:

  • A copy of the MLS listing
  • Required income documents (i.e. for salaried individuals, a job letter and paystub; and for self-employed individuals, your last two income tax assessments and copy of business registration/articles of incorporation)

If you have any questions about waiving your financing condition, please contact us or your real estate agent, you can also go through a real estate app and get more info. At this point, you should decide what priorities are the most important to you. Keep steadily working toward your long-term retirement goals, but also start to focus on the most important goals you have set for yourself. Do you want to take an extravagant trip? Start investing? Buy a home or build your own business? These are all things to consider when deciding on your next step. If you’re considering to build a business, be sure to visit voymedia.com. Voy Media is a well known digital marketing agency that are experienced in branding.