stolen theft RX350 Here’s a crazy-but-true story for you.

Recently, my Lexus SUV was stolen from my driveway for the third time in less than three years. CTV even featured me in a report on the theft of luxury vehicles in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. If you’re interested, watch the video here.

It contains a clip provided by U.K. investigators showing how easy it is for thieves to make off with your car in short order. What they do is use something called a ‘relay box’ which sends a signal to your vehicle’s key fob.

I could have been lounging on the couch with my feet on the coffee table (don’t tell my wife), the keys next to me on the side table, and thinking the car’s safely locked in the driveway. Meanwhile they would have unlocked the doors, started the engine, and sped away in about 17 seconds flat.

The first two times this happened, my truck was replaced by insurance.

This last time, both an acquaintance (and a parking guy who knows me) saw it parked on a neighboring street and called me. I guess those were the drop coordinates for the ‘pickup’ guy in this nefarious little gambit.

The truly freaky thing is, while I was sitting in the car waiting to be towed, someone got in the passenger seat. He immediately left, startled. But for a moment I wasn’t sure if he’d pull a weapon on me or something. I’d more or less caught them red handed.

Now you know me as a reasonable guy.

Right now, I’ve gotta tell you, I have a few choice words for Lexus.

Very descriptive words, in fact.

The vehicle’s obviously a liability. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, or if I’m being targeted by these criminals. And I’m definitely not looking forward to opening my next insurance bill.

I want out of my lease.

And so far I’ve been denied.

Let there be a silver lining in this tale. If nothing else, you can learn from my experiences and protect your car from being stolen. First, get yourself what’s known as an RFID signal blocking pouch. You put your key fob in there and it prevents the thieves’ relay device from communicating with it.  You can buy one on Amazon or $13, and it’s the easiest way to try and solve this problem.

Second, consider a tech-based recovery tool like OnStar. These use your GPS to relay the location of your car to the authorities, so hopefully it can be recovered before it’s too late.

Third, don’t buy a Lexus RX 350!

They’re hot commodities for theft right now and must be listed on some kind of car-jacker bulletin.

Well that’s me for today.

Life is nothing if not interesting.

On that subject, my best guess is that interest rates are going to level off for now. But as per my story, anything can happen! We live in uncertain economic times and any number of factors could cause that to change.

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Until next time – have a Safe and Happy Holidays.